A couple more tasting notes before the madness of Whiskyfest…

Loch Lomond 19 Year Old Single Grain Whisky
Old Particular (Douglas Laing). Distilled 1996. Bottled. 2016. Cask#DL11184. 51.5%ABV. Refill Hogshead (341 bottles). $240 (approx)

NOSE: started out pretty closed (it was a pretty cold room) so it was just oak and wood notes to start but eventually it started to open up a bit and fresh cut grass, sawdust, earth notes and brown sugar start to emerge. The oak notes continue to dominate over time but the earthy grassy notes come on pretty decently.

PALATE: lots of oak upfront but it’s a decidedly mellow oak spice. There’s a bit of white pepper and heat and some malt notes but it’s mostly whiffs of Rogers golden sugar and light floral notes across the board.

FINISH: light and delicate. There’s some heat and spice to start but it mellows quite quickly to those delicate sweet notes, light pastries and gentle floral notes.

OVERALL: There’s noting to take offence from, but there’s nothing that really stands out either. It’s not a particularly complex whisky but it is nicely balanced and the delicate spirit is not at all overwhelmed by 19 years in oak. 80 POINTS (the tasting group gave it an average score of 80.842 points)

SMWS #G4.14 “An Absolute Enchantment”
Cameronbridge. Single Grain Whisky. 33 years old (distilled 1984). 2nd Fill Hogshead (178 bottles). 50%ABV. $300 (approx).

NOSE: again, things started off pretty closed as the room was quite cold but got initial notes of dill, cherries, bourbon, sawdust, dusty earth notes, florals and tropical fruits with the wood notes and dill coming on stronger as the nose opened up.

PALATE: oak notes, old leather, tobacco, cherry cola, vanilla, brown sugar, egg custard. Very creamy mouthfeel.

FINISH: lots of wood notes up front but finishes with a delicate, gently warming sweetness.

OVERALL: the creamy mouthfeel along with the delicate spice and sweetness make it almost des sert-like. A very delicate and elegant old grain whisky. 84 POINTS (the tasting group’s average score was 86.368)

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