Whisky Tastings Archive

84TaliskerGame of Thrones
House Greyjoy
NAS45.8%light peat notes, some smoke, hints of salt brine and other maritime notesthere’s peat here - and smoke - but they’re distant and a bit diluted, cherries, sweetnessthere’s decent warmth and enough peat to keep this lingering in the memory a bit (medium-long)A gentler Talisker than others I’ve had but none the worse for that. Would be a great dram for those new to peat.
76Johnnie WalkerThe White WalkerNAS41.7%surprisingly complex, some nice savoury notes, decent oak character, tree fruits, perfume, dillsome fairly strong oak notes, some malt/cereal notes, a very light amount of spice/heat, mouthfeel is a bit thinquite light and sweet, memory of the dram is gone almost as soon as you swallow (very short)Drinkable but pretty one dimensional. The nose promises much more than the palate delivers
84CardhuGame of Thrones
House Targaryen
NAS40%perfume, florals, vanilla, bananas, some oak notes, lemon and other citrus notesoak notes, some pepper/spice, decently creamy mouthfeelsome nice lingering heat and some briny dryness (medium)A pretty solid, easy-drinking dram with decent complexity.
84DalwhinnieGame of Thrones
House Stark
NAS43%some perfume and florals, savoury meat spices, a bit of “funk”, fresh fruits, some salt/brinequite a bit of pepper/spice, pretty solid oak notes, decently creamy mouthfeelquite drying, the spice and heat linger decently long (medium)A solid, pleasantly “hefty” whisky - definitely more than I was expecting.
80LochnagarGame of Thrones
House Baratheon
1240%pretty closed, a bit of perfume and florals, dish soap, malts, oranges, fruitsoak, wood spice, pepper, a hint of earthiness, celery, mouthfeel is pretty thinthin and a bit forgettable, has a bit of dryness but doesn’t really hang around (short)There’s nothing really off about the whisky but it’s not particularly inspiring either
77Glenmorangie10 year old1040%perfume, Jolly Rancher candies, heather, some savoury “funkiness”oak up front, malt, biscuits, quite “juicy” with a fair bit of tannic dryingsweet, a little bit thin with the oak dominating (short)What many call “breakfast Scotch” = easy to drink but doesn’t have much else to offer
80Oban14 year old1443%some sherry-like dustiness, wood shavings, beeswax, nutsoak, sherry notes, creamy mouthfeel, nuts, biscuity maltssome decent heat and nice oak spice, some white pepper and dryness (medium)A pretty approachable but not terribly exciting whisky
84Glengoyne10 year old1043%sherry notes, sultana raisins, savoury spices, dust, smokedry sherry, raisins, cake spice, creamy mouthfeeldrying at the end, lots of spice and heat and sweet notes (medium-long)An easy drinking, approachable dram with enough complexity to make it interesting
83Clynelish14 year old1446%dusty concrete, herbs, a bit of sour funkiness, pepper, savoury notes, peatwaxy mouthfeel, fruits - esp green apples, wood notes, oak spice, caramela bit one dimensional but there’s decent heat and sweetness (medium)Another easy drinking, approachable dram that doesn’t offend but doesn’t amaze
90BenromachPeat Smoke
Sherry Cask Matured
859.9%sherry notes, peat, savoury meats, caramelspeppermint, huge ABV burn, dark chocolate, peat, smoke, sherrylots of heat and spice to start but mellows to sweeter notes (long)A big, powerful peated sherried whisky - delicious!
82Laphroaig10 year old1043%ashy peat notes, sweet pipe smoke, wet campfire ashes, medicinal notes, barnyardsdry peat, cherries, some smoke, mouthfeel is pretty thinquite short and thin with a bit of weak smoke at the back end (short)The nose promises much more than the palate can deliver - it’s tasty enough but...
86EdradourBallechin1046%sherry notes, peat, delicate smokepeat, delicate smoke, sherry sweetness, a bit of savoury, salt brine, quite astringentvery dry and astringent, lots of gentle smoke and peat, lots of salt at the back end (long)A solid dram with just a hint too much astringency to be truly awesome
90Highland ParkSMWS 4.251
Armchair Dancing Dram
1358.1%herbals, smoke, coastal/maritime notes, vanilla, delicate peat smoke, oranges, sweet desserts, teasweet dominates but there’s smoke and peat too (medium)A delicious cask-strength whisky similar to HP’s “Full Volume”
88BunnahabhainSMWS 10.147
Marmalade Rock Pools
1060.8%smoke, leather, tobacco, salt brine, mineral notes, char, savoury meatssweet, spicy child heat, fruit jams, brine, seaweed, charred wood, smokesalty, smoky, sweet and warm (long)A great winter dram. Surprisingly smooth and easy-drinking for 60.8%
86LaphroaigQuarter CaskNAS48%spices, bandages, solvents, peat, smoke, iodine, maritime notessmoke, peat, cherry cola, salt brine, lots of oak and wood spicenice warmth to start then that cherry cola sweetness lingers (medium)A very, very good value whisky holds up well against much costlier Laphroaigs
83Bowmore15 year old1543%brown sugar, sherry funk, fruit cake spices, peatoak spice, sherry funk, savoury notes, the initial spice mellows to a delicate sweetness (short)The nose promises more than the palate delivers but a decent dram.
80Glen SpeySMWS 80.9
A Wolf in Wolf’s Clothing
1155.7%strong spirit notes, solvents, mint, citrus, wood shavingssome oak notes, brown sugar, nutty/malty notes, pepper, buttery mouth feela bit underwhelming - quite spirit forward and a bit thin (short)A little rough and uninspiring. Sort of bland and inoffensive but drinkable…
80GlentauchersSMWS 63.54
The Nutty Professor’s Dram
860.5%floral notes, a bit of funk, some grassiness, sesame seed covered cashewscreamy mouthfeel, sweetness, lots of alcohol burn but the nuttiness balances decentlyfinishes a bit too hot (youth and high ABV win out here) but definitely lingers a good long whileIt’s almost there - a little more time in the cask might have smoothed off the rough edges.
84SpeyburnSMWS 88.11
A Day at the Beach
854.8%oak, sweet notes, grassiness, savoury notes, citrus, vanillaoak spice, saltiness/brine, Werthers candies, creaminessstarts a bit hot but mellows nicely to sweet and warm (medium-long)A pretty decent dram - a few rough edges but pretty drinkable all round.
88GirvanSMWS G7.9
A Sultry Smoking Seductress
2257.3%mineral notes, wood shavings, liquorice, rubber, fennel, paint thinner, dilloils, rubbery notes, wood spice, tobacco, creamy mouthfeel,warm, smooth and comforting on a cold night (long)A really solid, very drinkable dram. A nice balance of industrial notes and elegance.
88BenRiachSMWS 12.25
Stealth Truffle Pig
1060.4%musty wine funk, sweetness, florals, raisins, herbal liqueurs, charred woodtobacco, oak, cherries, wood char, chocolate syrup, tealovely - warm, smooth and gently dryness keeps you wanting more (long)A delicious dram. Probably the best barrique finished whisky I’ve had yet.
95LaphroaigSMWS 29.261
An Evil Dutch Dentist’s Dram
2150.3%peat, sherry, beach sand, tropical fruits, smokesweet light peat, peat smoke, light sherry notes, ashsmooth, strangely delicate and warming (long)A fantastic dram… but the price will break your heart
85DeanstonVirgin Oak 1st EditionNAS46.3%oak, a kind of feinty sourness, solvents, wet cardboard, sweet notes, florals, grassinesslots of oak/wood spice, peppery notes, lemon drops, creamy mouthfeelpepper and spice to start gives way to mellow sweetness (short)A solid enough dram. Not overly complex but decently balanced.
89Deanston12 Year Old1246.3%cured meats, grass, lemon, floral notes, bourbon notes, vanilla, sweet notesoak spice, sweet notes, some chilli spice, vanilla, bourbon, butterya nice balance of sweetness and tannic dryness (medium-long)Nose is a bit underwhelming but palate is quite delicious
86DeanstonVirgin Oak 4th EditionNAS46.3%grassiness, sultana raisins, cedar wood. tropical fruits, savoury noteswood/oak notes, nuts, rum, sweet notes, sultana raisins, vanilla, hints of pepper, citrusnice sweetness and decently balanced between wood and spirit elements (short)A very nice dram. The wood notes are definitely there but not as pronounced as in the 1st edition
90Deanston18 Year Old Limited Edition1846.3%apples, latex balloons, caramel, tropical fruits, oak, sweet notes, solventssyrupy mouthfeel, wood notes, cherries, barley, savoury meats, tannins cherries and sweet notes leading to pleasant savoury notes (long)Delicious. Very smooth. Nicely balanced and lots of complexity
86Ledaig10 Year Old1046.3%peat, sugar, some meatiness, solvents, smoke, cardboard, dust, parmesan cheese, iodinepeat, brown sugar, sweet desserts, smoke, wood spicelots of mellow peat and sweetness (medium)Sweet, peaty and gently warming - a very nice dram and pretty easy to drink.
88StaggStagg JrNAS63.2%lots of bourbon corn sweetness, vanilla, brown sugarlots of peppery spices, nice sweet notes, some medicinal notes at the back end, molasseslong, sweet and warm - lots of alcohol heat but flavours hold up very well A powerful bourbon. The high ABV packs a punch but it’s very drinkable
85RedbreastRedbreast LustauNAS46%sherry notes, vanilla, little hints of sawdust, brown sugarsherry notes, hints of oak, some spice and pepper, lots of sweetnessVery light and delicate - thankfully the sherry notes don’t overpower the spiritA little “fragile” but very drinkable. The added sherry notes work really well here
90Highland ParkFull Volume1747.2%very light peat and smoke, some maritime notes, tropical fruits, pineapplehints of smoke and peat, brown sugar, pineapple, vanilla, great mouthfeellong, spicy and lots of sweetness and heat (long)A really quite delicious whisky. Not as peated as other HPs. Opens up very nicely
89Kilkerran12 Year Old1246%lots of medicinal notes, some Highland sourness, floral notes, savoury notes, sherry funk, oakpineapple, tropical fruits, lots of sugar and sweetness, hints of smoke and peat, oak, cherriesa bit short and light but does the job - nice balance of sherry notes, sugar and spice (short)Overall a very nice, easy drinking dram.
88GlenAllachie10 Year Old Cask Strength1057.1%floral notes, cleaning fluids, floor polish, Mr. Clean, lemon, citrus, leatherfennel, sugar, hints of pepper and spice, lots of sugar, creamy mouthfeellong finish and lots of heat add up to a pretty powerful whiskyQuite a “bright” whisky with lots of citrus and spritely notes. Not overly complex but very drinkable.
89Isle of ArranThe Robert BurnsNAS43%oak, sherry, dill, brown sugar, some savoury notes, floral notesoak, spice, pepper heat, brown sugarstarts with some spice but finishes sweet and light with lots of wood notes (medium)A pretty nice whisky. Light and sweet with lots of wood notes but decently balanced
80Grant FamilyMonkey ShoulderNAS43%dill, sugars, floral notes, some sherry or other “funky” notes, fenneloak and wood notes, brown sugar, green applesWood notes are pretty forward but it all works (short)Not outstanding but a solid enough whisky and pretty easy to drink
84Johnnie WalkerGreen Label1543%oak, sherry, floral notes, savoury notes, smokeoak, sherry, some spice and a bit of pepper heat, maple syrupstarts warm and sweet lingers nicely (medium-long)An easy drinking whisky but nothing particularly outstanding.
88Douglas LaingScallywagNAS46%sherry funk, brown sugar, floral notes, spices, sulphursherry, oak, brown sugar, sulphurlong and gently warming with lots of sherry notes (long)A solid sherried whisky and very nicely balanced all around.
92Compass BoxFlaming HeartNAS48.9%peat, iodine, bandaids, oak, sherry notespeat, cherries, oak, very buttery mouthfeelFinishes very nicely. Lots of wood and peats notes but very balanced (long)An excellent whisky - lots of complexity and very easy to drink
90Douglas LaingRock OysterNAS56.1%new make, peat, iodine, solvents, lots of maritime and coastal notespeat, new make roughness, some cherries, maritime notes, salt brinepowerful maritime notes with lots of peat and sweetnessA bit rough around the edges but overall a powerful coastal dram. A great winter whisky